Your fundamental keys to lasting wellbeing


Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to sub-zero temperatures for a short period of time. The body reacts by activating the innate repair system, boosting energy, generating collagen production and releasing endorphins.

Far Infrared

This technology uses long infrared rays to detoxify the body, as well as aiding relaxation, muscle recovery and slimming, and boosting the immune system.


Oligoscan’s advanced spectrophotometry-based technology allows for an instant and pain-free analysis. Designed to take instant measurements of the body and its minerals, the results can identify deficiencies and excess, trace elements,  recognise oxidative stresses including ageing and health concerns, and surplus toxic metals which can lead to poisoning. A comprehensive, customised health assessment aiming at optimising your lifestyle and promoting a holistic approach to healthcare, it also includes lab tests to determine nutritional needs.

Longevity Supplements Holistic Health

Our supplements go beyond basic wellness support, to target the complexities of health and aging mechanisms.
Specific nutrients and plant bioactives slow down, and partially reverse aging pathways such as genomic instability, preserving mitochondrial function, improving nutrient sensing, and impacting other aspects of cellular integrity.

Nutritional coaching

Learn to regulate your food intake and break free from a dieting mindset with the help of a certified nutritionist, following the 3 steps of our Longevity Nutrition Protocol:

¬ Dynamic metabolic
¬ Heavy metal screening
¬ Body composition analysis
¬ Continuous glucose monitoring
¬ In-depth nutrition evaluation

¬ Individualized nutrition and lifestyle plan
¬ Next generation longevity nutraceutical
¬ Comprehensive educational tools

¬ Re-assesment and progressive personal
plan review
¬ Expert mentoring for successful transition
and patient evolution

Our Locations

We look forward to welcoming you soon in one of our exclusive Longevity Hubs by Clinique La Prairie. Each Longevity Hub is designed to combine science with pioneering solutions. Discover also what additional therapies each Hub offers.


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