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Cryotherapy is a treatment that consists of exposing the body to temperatures of -110°C for a short period of time. The body reacts to these very low temperatures by boosting circulation to deliver large amounts of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, which promotes cell regeneration, activation of metabolism, decreased inflammation… This technology also promotes the function of the lymphatic system, helping the natural detoxification processes of the body, and improves rest and stress management by generating endorphins and decreasing cortisol levels.

Far Infrared

Far infrared is a unique therapy in Spain capable of rejuvenating, recharging energy and eliminating toxins from our body, through the use of three ultra-effective wellness technologies: (1) Far infrared rays – these help detoxify, stimulate our metabolism and relieve inflammation and pain, (2) plasma – which relieves stress and boosts energy, and (3) light therapy – indicated for skin rejuvenation and detoxification.


Oligoscan’s advanced spectrophotometry-based technology allows for instant, non-invasive analysis. Designed to take instantaneous measurements of the body’s functioning and its trace elements, the results can indicate possible deficiencies and excesses of vitamins and minerals, and the excess of toxic heavy metals, which may be causing oxidative stress, premature aging, or even poisoning and other health problems. It is a comprehensive and personalized health assessment, which can be complemented by laboratory tests, with the aim of optimizing lifestyle, determining individual nutritional needs and promoting a holistic approach to health care.

Longevity Supplements Holistic Health

Our daily longevity routines are not just about supporting basic wellness: they address the complexities of health and the mechanisms of aging.

Certain nutrients and plant bioactives can slow aging pathways—such as genome instability—preserving mitochondrial function, improving nutrient sensitivity and influencing other aspects of cellular integrity and longevity.


Nutritional consultations

Learn to regulate your food intake and break free from a dieting mindset with the help of a registered dietitian, following the 3 steps of our Longevity Nutrition Protocol:

¬ Heavy metal screening
¬ Body composition analysis
¬ In-depth nutrition evaluation

¬ Individualized nutrition and lifestyle plan
¬ Next generation longevity nutraceutical plan
¬ Comprehensive educational tools

¬ Re-assesment and progressive personal plan review
¬ Expert mentoring for successful transition and patient evolution

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We look forward to welcoming you soon in one of our exclusive Longevity Hubs by Clinique La Prairie. Each Longevity Hub is designed to combine science with pioneering solutions. Discover also what additional therapies each Hub offers.
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