Eliminate stress, heal your body, boost your skin

Cellular Perfect lifting

This exclusive facial provides a natural, yet visible lift that improves the skin’s firmness and smooths wrinkles while promoting cellular renewal.

Cellular Pigment Lightening

Designed to balance melanin production, this high-tech facial works deep into the layer of the dermis directly targeting the cells responsible for hyperpigmentation.

Cellular Perfect Recovery

Soothing ingredients, combined with a specific facial technique to support the
skin’s natural healing process, calms irritation and inflammation.

Cellular Men’s Perfect Repair

A perfect cleansing treatment, designed specifically for men’s skin, erases all signs of fatigue for a fresh and healthy appearance.

Cellular High-Tech Men’s Total Repair

Designed specifically for men’s skin, this deep cleaning and rejuvenating facial incorporates the latest patented cellular skincare technological innovations to soothe, purify, and eliminate fatigue to promote a calm, fresh, and youthful appearance. This face treatment ensures optimum skin rejuvenation and optimal skin protection from external aggressions for men of any age.

Cellular Purifying Anti-pollution

With the power of pure vitamin C, this highly active antioxidant facial removes toxins, restores skin radiance, shields against oxidative stress and fights the premature signs of aging.

Cellular High-Tech Intense Hydration

Infusing the skin with intense moisture, this unique rejuvenating treatment using patented technology protects the deepest layers of cells in the skin from premature ageing, dehydration, and irregular texture. The skin’s wellbeing, elasticity and smoothness are optimally maintained through long-lasting moisturization. Skin is deeply hydrated, plumped and rejuvenated; wrinkles and expression lines are smoothed, and skin hydration levels are optimally preserved.


A unique facial combining intensive cleansing, lymph drainage, hydration and LED light therapy. Your skin gets an extra moisturizing kick, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while the light therapy promotes skin activation.

Hydrafacial Premium includes a booster of your choice as well as led light therapy to further reduce signs of aging.

Cellular Firming Body Treatment

The intensive Cellular Firming Body experience targets loss of firmness and elasticity offering a lift effect with visible and immediate results. By boosting collagen production, the structure of the skin is renewed, smoothed, lifted and revitalized resulting in a toned silhouette.

Cellular Anti-Cellulite Body Treatment

Designed to reshape the body contours, this intensive Cellular anti-cellulite treatment targets cellulite, orange peel and loss of tone, leaving a profound sensation of lightness and wellbeing. The body is perfectly defined, firmed and toned.

Cellular Detoxifying Body Treatment

The unique blend of active ingredients used in this treatment stimulates metabolism, removes impurities, encourages circulation, and boosts the elimination of toxins. Skin is gently exfoliated, leaving it smooth and healthy. This treatment perfectly complements a weight loss or anti-cellulite programme.

Cellular Body Exfoliation

This highly relaxing treatment will stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. It begins with a quick oil rub before your skin is exfoliated using our Cellular Regenerating Salt.

Abhyanga Shirodhara

A traditional ayurvedic massage is followed by Shirodhara, in which a continuous stream of warmed organic oil is poured across the forehead and scalp to relax the eye and facial muscles.


Revitalizing Massage

This signature massage targets the energy flow of the body, bringing precise and modulated pressure to bear on the body’s cardinal energy points for a truly invigorating experience.

Cellular Body Exfoliation

Blood circulation is stimulated and dead skin cells are removed in the course of this highly relaxing treatment, which begins with a quick oil rub before your skin is exfoliated using our Swiss Perfection Cellular Regenerating Salt.


A massage which aims to regenerate the body and activate the elimination of toxins, while dissolving muscle tension, activating reflex points on the foot to rebalance the body and stimulate healing.

Herbal Compress Immunity Boost Massage

Combining the expert movements of your therapist’s hands with lightly applied herbal compresses,this massage uses a mix of plants exclusively grown for Clinique La Prairie to boost the immune system and bring you to a state of total relaxation.

Detox Massage

This massage regenerates the body and activates the elimination of toxins. The effect is immediate – tension located in the muscles dissolves, while the physiological system’s reflex points rebalance, and oxygenation is improved.

Thai Massage

Practiced throughout Thailand for 2,500 years, this traditional healing massage technique employs fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms and feet to encourage the body’s internal energy to flow.

Himalayan Salt Stone massage

A full body massage using a specific sequence of massage to balance Tsing points, meridians and source points. By stimulating these points, they can be very curative, providing a state of total well-being emotionally and physically.

Chi Nei Tsang

By working on the stomach area, in addition to the diaphragm, breathing and spine, this manual technique restores mobility, tone and motion to the organs, while improving the functional and structural balance throughout the body.

Relaxing Massage

From the crown of your head to the tips of your toes, this signature massage takes you on a journey of relaxation. The treatment commences with a healing singing bowl sound meditation to lull you in a deep state of inner peace in preparation for the massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

This therapeutic massage uses deep tissue techniques and light stretching, working on the deeper layers of your body to release muscle pain and tension. A special aromatherapy oil is used to help your muscles succumb to relaxation.

Slimming Massage

This massage improves skin texture, helps eliminate new cellulite, and sculpt the body. The massage culminates with the application of a special aromatherapy oil to leave you feeling light and toned.

Singing Bowl Quartz Therapy

The therapeutic sound of Himalayan singing bowls accompanies a full-body massage, to awaken the senses and attune the body’s rhythm to a tranquil state. Experience the touchless dynamic flow and inversion gravity while being immersed in the mystic energy and optimal pressure from the pivoting warm alpha quartz bed. This ultimate wellness journey leads to a higher level of relaxation and speeds up muscle recovery.

Alpha Quartz Cocoon Therapy

A completely transformative journey that restores a harmonious flow of energy and vitality. The quartz bed contours the body delicately allowing to alleviate any muscles stiffness by creating a cocoon effect. This therapeutic massage combines Balinese and Hawaiian techniques to melt away tension and bring about an overall sense of well-being

Psammo Therapy - Quartz Therapy

This bespoke therapy combines tradition and high-tech. The heated alpha quartz cocoons and contours your body while the gentle percussion and warm pressure of the quartz poultices targets specific body reflex points. Let us help realign your muscles, stretch your spine and improve blood circulation.

Pressotherapy For Body

Computerized pressotherapy indicated for drainage treatments, reactivation of microcirculation and anticellulite and remodeling treatments. Pleasant, non-invasive, effective, it is a treatment suitable for pairing with special body treatments with a toning, draining and slimming action.

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