Invest in yourself with our selection of targeted, science-backed experiences

Targeted, science-backed experiences

Invest in yourself with our selection of targeted, science-backed Experiences. Our holistic approach, combining assessment, longevity technologies, wellness therapies and in-depth follow-ups, is condensed into a three-hour wellbeing journey. Choose from any of the following wellness journeys to feel pampered and rejuvenated.


150 minutes

Our Energize Experience helps you to quickly recover from feelings of fatigue or depletion through a combination of our signature Wellbeing Therapies and our cutting-edge Longevity Technologies.

  • Energy
  • Metabolic Health
Introductory assessment30 Minutes
Cryotherapy session15 Minutes
Energy-boosting IV drip45 Minutes
CLP signature revitalizing massage60 Minutes


180 minutes

Our Rebalance Experience helps you to eliminate toxins and deeply purify your body. Through a selection of our most detoxifying and immunity-boosting Wellness Therapies and science-backed Longevity Technologies, you will leave with a new sense of balance.

  • Detox
  • Immune Health
Introductory assessment30 Minutes
1 Far Infrared session45 Minutes
Detoxifying IV drip45 Minutes
CLP signature detox massage60 Minutes


180 minutes

Our Glow Experience provides the vitamins necessary for optimum skin health, and the technologies that can stimulate cell division and repair. Defy age, rejuvenate your skin, glow from the inside out.

  • Beauty
  • Anti Aging
Introductory assessment30 Minutes
Skin analysis consultation30 Minutes
Cellular body exfoliation60 Minutes
Hydrafacial®60 Minutes

Our Locations

We look forward to welcoming you soon in one of our exclusive Longevity Hubs by Clinique La Prairie. Each Longevity Hub is designed to combine science with pioneering solutions. Discover also what additional therapies each Hub offers.


Longevity Hubs

  • Dubai

    Longevity Hub By Clinique La Prairie
    One&Only One Za’abeel, Dubai
    Za’abeel Street, Za’abeel
    Dubai — United Arab Emirates
    Email: reservations.dubai@cliniquelaprairie.com

    Longevity 10am – 8pm daily
    Wellbeing 9am – 10pm daily
    Movement 6am – 10pm daily