Eliminate stress, heal your body, boost your skin

Cellular Perfect lifting

Inspired from advanced medical techniques, this five-step lifting treatment acts on a multidimensional level to target signs of ageing. It offers spectacular immediate lifting and firming results, while promoting cellular renewal. Skin is intensively
rejuvenated; face contour is remodelled; wrinkles are smoothed away.

Cellular Pigment Lightening

This exceptional treatment balances melanin production and hyperpigmentation at a cellular level. It instantly brightens and evens out the complexion, visibly reduces the appearance of dark spots and brings a youthful radiance.

Cellular Men’s Total Repair

This deep cleansing and rejuvenating facial has been specifically designed to revitalize men’s skin against ageing. A real boost of energy for skin functions, it purifies, soothes, and erases signs of fatigue for a fresh and radiant complexion.

Cellular Intensive Repair

This intensive facial is designed for mature, dry or dehydrated skin. It lifts and defines facial contours, restores youthful glow and boosts cell renewal thanks to two different masks with collagen, vitamins, and brown algae.

Cellular Perfect Hydration

Infusing intense hydration, this rejuvenating treatment protects cells in the deepest layers from premature ageing and dehydration. Skin’s wellbeing and elasticity are optimally maintained over the long term. Skin is deeply hydrated and replumped; wrinkles and expression lines are smoothed away.


Intensive cleansing, lymph drainage, hydration and LED light therapy. Before the 4 cleansing steps of the basic treatment, lymph drainage is performed. This helps to remove lymph congestion and accelerate the removal of waste products. The special extra: With a Multi-Peptide Dermabuilder your skin gets an extra moisturizing kick, which leads to a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is rounded off with LED light therapy for skin activation.

Lymphatic Face Drainage

Give your face a lovely bounce with this facial, an exclusive treatment of the Longevity Hub Dubai. A pampering and 360 holistic experience that involves breathing, manual body work and cupping.

Detox Massage

This massage regenerates the body and activates the elimination of toxins. The effect is immediate – tension located in
the muscles dissolve, while the physiological system’s reflex points rebalance, and oxygenation is improved.

Revitalizing Massage

This signature massage targets the energy flow of the human body stimulated by focusing on energy paths and points of the body. Precise pressures, digito-pressure maneuvers as well as movements at different speeds and with various sequences are part of this energizing and revitalizing experience.


Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing foot treatment based on the theory that specific areas of the feet correspond to
particular areas of the body. Your therapist will apply pressure to your feet to rebalance your whole body and stimulate healing.

Himalayan Salt Stone massage

A full body massage using a specific sequence of massage to balance Tsing points, meridians and source points. This restorative massage  provides deep relaxation and helps to relax body, mind and spirit. Tsing points are where meridians
either start or end. Source points are where vital organ energy gather. By stimulating these points, they can be very curative, providing a state of total well-being emotionally and physically.

Chi Nei Tsang

Taoist traditional abdominal massage to enhance Chi vitality in the organs aim at resolving physical and energetic tensions and emotional blocks. Chi Nei Tsang, working mostly on the stomach, pelvis, and thorax cavities, is a manual technique that helps with muscular tension and digestive disorders while mobilizing energy and balance.

Psamotherapy remineralizing massage

This bespoke therapy combines tradition and high-tech. The heated alpha quartz cocoons and contours your body while the gentle percussion and warm pressure of the quartz poultices targets specific body reflex points. Let us help realign your muscles, stretch your spine and improve blood circulation


Manual treatment of vigorous massages using wooden instruments. It tones the body, minimizes fluid retention and treats localized fat in order to sculpt the body.

Pain & Stress Relief Massage

Using bamboo sticks to penetrate deeper into the underlying tissue to trigger tension points. It helps to relieve stress and increases levels of energy after deep relaxation.


A rehabilitative care session that will use targeted techniques and treatments to restore mobility, improve range of motion, strength, improve physical function. Hence quality of life.

Longevity Path to Detox

Signature treatment aims to help the body to eliminate toxins and heavy metals. This three steeps cure involves the use of phytotherapy and hydrotherapy.

STEP °1: Algae detox bath
STEP °2: Phyto-mud mask therapy
STEP °3: Hydro jet massage Water eliminates swelling due to lymphatic blockage, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, improving cell metabolism, and reducing oxidation.

Underwater Hydro-jet Massage

Hydromassage is a therapeutic technique involving water and pressurized jets to help massage muscles and other soft tissues.
The most known benefits of this millennial therapy are.
N°1: Pain relief
N°2: Post-exercise relief
N°3: Increased circulation
N°4: Deep relaxation

Body Atelier Signature Experience

This comprehensive body ceremony will leave your body with a sense of lightness and beauty while simultaneously contributing to the acceleration of fluid movement by stimulating metabolism.
We begin with a gentle body polish to unclog the pores and remove dead skin cells, followed by the exclusive Lymphodrainer massage. A deep lymphatic drainage made with diverse glass cups with a detox effect that helps undo the accumulation of
fat, and eliminate toxins, fluids, and impurities in the body. This ceremony will activate your body and will add lots of vitality.

Hammam Boutique Experience

Experience our Hammam Ritual, featuring a soothing Hammam steam, a revitalizing Black Soap Body Scrub, and a detoxifying Ghassoul Body Wrap — all enhanced with luxurious products for your ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.

Garshana Body Polish

This dry body brush exfoliation refreshes and stimulates the skin and lymphatic system, enhancing blood circulation. Ideal to pair with a relaxing massage or facial.

Royal Hammam

Introducing our Royal Hammam treatment – a lavish experience featuring steam of Hammam, a revitalizing black soap body scrub, and a body wrap enriched with honey and royal jelly for a truly royal transformation of your body.

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